Using a mix of old-school and modern equipment, A New Level Recording is all about creating new sounds that evoke emotion with every beat. From Tracking  to Mixing, and everything in between, I’ll take responsibility for your unique sound needs. Get in touch and let’s talk about your next project.

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The service provided by A New Level Recording is flawless thanks to the latest technology as well as my meticulous work process. As a client, you’ll collaborate closely with me throughout the entire process to develop a high quality final product. Get in touch to schedule studio time today.


For Music Consulting, there’s no better option than A New Level Recording. Schedule your initial consultation meeting today to get access to all the state-of-the-art-equipment and studio space. Get in touch to find out more about rates and availability. Don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment with the best Recording Engineer in town.


We have access to some of the best Mastering Engineers in the industry.



Recording Services

A New Level Recording is a full service recording studio. We provide  world class recording at local rates.
History has shown that musicians, companies, and others that needed recording services found that they could not afford the type of quality that they wanted. We strive to provide the quality
needed within a reasonable price. We also understand that each project, demo, or production is
unique and demands the kind of attention that our clients deserve.
Our mission is simple, we will provide you world class recording in a professional setting at a
reasonable price. We take pride in what we do which, in turn, means we will take pride in your


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